Millnet’s parent company, Advanced Discovery, provides our eDiscovery services.

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Advanced Discovery Services

Advanced Discovery provides a streamlined, end-to-end solution for all your eDiscovery needs

Advanced Discovery Complete was developed by the industry’s top professionals, combining sophisticated technology with expert advice and proactive management to handle high-stakes, high-volume and high-speed eDiscovery projects.

Advanced Discovery Complete delivers:

A More Consultative Approach

Our specialists are guides, not order takers. We challenge assumptions based on experience and ask the right questions at the start to keep your review on track and on budget.

Greater Mastery of the Tools

We have expert advisors with over 150 Relativity Certifications, including more Relativity Masters than any other eDiscovery company. We know the enhanced tools because we’ve built them.

Speed with Quality Results

Proven processes and patent-pending QC oversight mean faster turnaround without sacrificing quality. We’re used to working in fast-paced, high-pressure, multi-jurisdictional and multinational situations.
As a result, we acquire data earlier, put it in front of your team sooner, guide you through targeted review faster, and meet your obligations quicker. And our solution is fully scalable for both single matters and complex, multi-matter, serial litigation.

Everything you need to find what matters, when it matters.

Find What Matters, When It Matters

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