Talking Tech: Charles Christian interview James Moeskops

Our joint Managing Director, James Moeskops, was recently interviewed by Charles Christian of Legal IT Insider.  The interview focused on our leading software propositions, DocBuster and MedBrief, which provide solutions to niche problems that law firms face on a daily basis: 

  • An cost effective and efficient way to batch print emails and other documents in a chronological order with slip sheets
  • A secure and tested way for lawyers to share highly confidential patient records with experts and other third parties on clinical negligence and similar matters

DocBuster is a powerful and very easy to use batch print solution that enables firms to take the headache out of printing their electronic documents.  Developed in response to law firm requirements, DocBuster automates the printing of batches of electronic documents for the purpose of review.

MedBrief is a dedicated medical records review platform.  It is currently the only universally accessible platform in the market capable of securely distributing and presenting patient medical records together with associated radiology. 

In addition to viewing this interview on our Vimeo channel, it has also been featured on Talking Tech and can be viewed here.

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