Junior eDiscovery Consultant – Subject Matter Expert

We are recruiting for this challenging and rewarding role within our eDiscovery consulting team. This is a junior role but prior experience within the eDiscovery industry is desirable. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills whilst working with a highly experienced team.

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Senior eDiscovery Consultant – Subject Matter Expert

Don’t miss out on this exciting, challenging and rewarding opportunity. We are recruiting for a Senior eDiscovery Consultant to join our highly successful and growing team. This is an exciting opportunity for a focused and experienced eDiscovery subject matter expert. The eDiscovery Consulting team are fee earners and involved in client engagement and the pre-sales process from an expert and advisory perspective.

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Reconnoitering Your Territory

Creating a data map that is useful for eDiscovery (or for other legal purposes) is a five-phase process: (1) Legal Inventory; (2) Source Inventory; (3) Initial Map Creation; (4) Analysis and Alignment; and, (5) Connection and Maintenance. In this Part, we review the first three of these five phases.

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Robot Uprising? An Artificial Intelligence Update

Over the past few years, the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to appear with increasing frequency in the legal industry press, filled with both promise and threat. A 2016 report from Deloitte “said that ‘profound reforms’ will occur in the legal sector over the next decade, estimating that nearly 40 percent of jobs in the legal sector could end up being automated in the long term.”

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No Maps for These Territories

A discussion of the practice of data mapping for eDiscovery – and how to do it effectively for significant savings of time and money, as well as reducing risk and increasing defensibility.

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February 2017 Industry News Round-Up

February 2017 was kicked off with a strong signal from the EDRM organization, which is now a part of the Duke Law Center for Judicial Studies. On February 9th, it announced a major new effort to develop standards and guidance for the effective use of technology-assisted review.

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Senior eDiscovery Adviser

Millnet has an opening for a Senior eDiscovery Adviser. We are looking for a highly driven individual with client facing experience and proven eDiscovery success. The successful candidate will be there to provide support to the sales team and pre-sales consultancy to Millnet’s clients.

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Finding Intent Under Amended Rule 37(e)

As we noted in the first part, one of the things the amended version of the rule was intended to do was resolve a circuit split that was creating uncertainty and increased preservation costs. The split was between jurisdictions where severe sanctions might be applied on the basis of some form of negligence and others where severe sanctions required a showing of intentionality.

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January 2017 Industry News Round-Up

A monthly round-up of key industry news, useful publications, new cases, and other resources. Each month we collect the most important news and most useful resources we’ve found and share them here to help you separate the signal from the noise.

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Reasonable Steps Under Amended Rule 37(e)

A review of the first year of cases under the amended spoliation sanctions rule reveals simpler analyses from judges and some relief from severe sanctions for litigants, but new ambiguities create uncertainty about reasonable steps, demonstrating intent, and inherent authority.

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