Millnet, an Advanced Discovery company, adopts Trident Explorer and Trident Collector Scout for targeted, defensible remote collections

Trident software tools facilitate targeted, defensible remote collection of materials via email, internal network, thumb drives, and more, at lower costs than traditional collection methods

Millnet, an Advanced Discovery company, today announced its adoption of the Trident Explorer and Trident Collector Scout tools for targeted remote collections.  The new options will provide increased project flexibility and substantial time and cost savings to Millnet’s clients.

Over the past year, Millnet and Advanced Discovery evaluated all of its clients’ projects involving data collection, and this research effort revealed that approximately 85% of all data collections no longer require the creation of full forensic images, but rather, require only the targeted collection of certain documents, files, and folders in a defensible manner.

To meet this growing client need for greater collection flexibility and lower collection costs, Millnet has selected Trident Explorer and Trident Collector Scout, which together provide substantial benefits to its clients, including:

  • Data mapping, pre-collection searching, and collection modes
  • Implementation possible via email, local network, thumb drives, and more
  • All processes monitored for tracking and reporting in real-time, via the Internet
  • Automated logging of chain-of-custody and other process audit information
  • Reduces or eliminates travel expenses, hard drive expenses, and scheduling challenges

For more information, please contact Andreas Mueller, Vice President of Forensic Services, at +1 617.895.6615 or

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