Millnet plays a pivotal role in securing judicial approval for the use of predictive coding in electronic disclosure

The first case for which predictive coding has been approved during disclosure in English High Court proceedings.

The ground-breaking UK Judgement handed down by Master Matthews this week sees Millnet lead the way in predictive coding expertise.  Judicial approval for the use of predictive coding (also known as technology or computer assisted review) further reinforces the trend towards law firms and their clients leveraging expertise and technology to achieve efficient, cost-effective electronic disclosure.

In addition to providing end-to-end electronic disclosure services to several parties involved in the matter, Millnet’s team of experts proactively recommended and advised on the use of predictive coding technology.  The team also regularly consult on the associated workflows and quality controls required to reduce costs whilst still complying with disclosure obligations.

Critically, Millnet’s advice and the Judgment were not contingent on the specific technology to be used.  Rather, the basis for both Millnet’s advice and for the Master’s decision was consideration of how a technology-assisted approach could assist the Court to deal with cases justly and at proportionate cost.

James Moeskops, Millnet’s Managing Director, commented “At Millnet we have long understood the importance of having a team of experts who can assist lawyers with the end-to-end processes of edisclosure or ediscovery.  Our experts routinely work with our clients to identify efficient and cost effective solutions for their electronic document challenges.  The successful application of predictive coding technology requires lawyers and electronic disclosure experts to work closely together to design, test and validate results.  Smart lawyers and their clients are increasingly aware of the technology and engage the expertise of electronic disclosure specialists like Millnet to achieve better outcomes.

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